• Price is indicative per Length.
  • Black Black and more Black one of the most popular colours on stage!!
  • This Fully Beaded Black & Purple Lace is Just Devine!! With its Black Beading and embellishment of Purple Seeded Beads makes this piece stunning.
  • Just Think Classical for this exquisite piece of Lace and you won’t be disappointed!!
  • Lace shown on a White & Mauve background.
  • Total Length 1.0metre Width 1.3metres.
  • This piece is adorned with value – essentially there are two scalloped borders right above each other. The Double Border along the bottom edge has approximate dimensions of 36cm at its widest point.
  • There are 10 scallops along the top & bottom of this length which consists of 22 complete *Flower Motifs* across the whole piece. Each Motif measuring 11cm x 18cm.

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